Merel Hafkamp
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Adam Belt, A Religious Experience

A Religious Experience (Installation) 2012 Plywood, Sunlight, and Fog Machine x x Three windows were covered with plywood in the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla. Holes were drilled in the plywood for the stars of.

Nike Savvas: Atomic

Seen at Burning Man in the Big Round Cubatron is the world’s largest three-dimensional, full-color ‘dynamic’ light sculpture. It measures 40 feet in diameter and 10 feet high, consisting of ten spokes covered in lights made of over LEDs.


Artist Jana Winderen and architect Marc Fornes / TheVeryMany created an installation for New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture, entitled “Situation Room”. The form is a collective of twenty hard-surface spheres, varying in diameter.