Merlijn Levering

Merlijn Levering

Merlijn Levering
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Bentley Sense S futuristic car concept.  I need this with hydraulics so it can get out my driveway!

I love these retro inspired modern cars. The custom work is amazing, but my demented sensibility loves the modern amenities in a classic, unsuspecting ride. Inspired by the early Ford car, designer Jason Holmes has come up with ‘Sinister.

LEGO Castle Arch #lego #castle #legocastle #legoarch

TECNQ - This style of building demonstrates the use of the same type of part on top & bottom and negates the need to acquire different parts.


You've gotta hand it to serious LEGO builders that they can really create impressive stuff with those little bricks. This LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle i.