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a hand holding a basket filled with flowers on top of green grass next to a wooden hoop
Market Flower Embroidery Design
Market flowers make everything better. This embroidery design is a great one for beginners or anyone that's wanting to create an easy and simple stitching project.
three pictures of different designs on plates with scissors and thread spools next to each other
20+ Animal Embroidery Patterns to Stitch
Animal needlepoint DIY
the embroidery project is made with glow in the dark fabric and has stars on it
Night Sky hand embroidery pattern
Stitch up a beautiful night sky and moon phases with this unique hand embroidery pattern from little dear. Add glow in the dark floss for extra shine! #handembroidery #glowinthedark #moonphases #moonpattern #moonembroidery
an embroidery pattern with two rabbits on the moon and stars in the sky, surrounded by beads
Moon Phase rabbits embroidery pattern
You'll love stitching up sweet bunnies and moon phases with this unique and easy hand embroidery pattern from little dear. #moonphases #moonpattern #moonembroidery #embroiderypattern #handembroidery
an assortment of embroidered embroidery kits with the words, color printed embroidery kits from little dear
little dear hand embroidery kits
Come learn hand embroidery with beautiful kits and samplers from little dear! #handembroidery #embroiderykit #embroiderydesign #embroiderypattern #learnembroidery
cross stitch birds and flowers are featured in this brochure for the tiny bird collection
Tiny Birds mini hand embroidery pattern
Stitch up sweet tiny birds for embroidery art, ornaments or embellishment! It's easy to make your own little flock. You'll love all of the Tiny Collection patterns from little dear. #tinyembroidery #miniembroidery #birdpattern #birdembroidery #ornamentpattern #handembroidery
an embroidery pattern with the words planet rainbow on it and stars in the sky behind
Planet Rainbow hand embroidery pattern
Stitch up a cosmic rainbow planet in hand embroidery with this fun and easy pattern or fabric sampler from little dear. #handembroidery #planetpattern #rainbowpattern #celestialdesign #embroideryart
the doll is wearing a gray hat and holding a white star in her right hand
Luna cut and sew doll
Create your own hand embroidered cloth doll with easy, printed cut and sew doll panels from little dear. #clothdoll #handembroidery #dollmaker #handmadedoll #cutandsew
two pictures with the words night time forest on them and an image of mushrooms in the woods
Nighttime Forest hand embroidery pattern
Stitch a lovely night time forest with glowy fireflies, mushrooms and a tiny frog! You'll love embroidering unique patterns from little dear. #handembroidery #mushroompattern #mushroomembroidery #embroiderypattern #frogpattern
an embroidery hoop with the words finishing the back of your embroidery hoop easy free patterns at little - dear com
Easy and Free embroidery tutorials at little dear
Learn easy ways to finish the backs of your embroidery hoops with free tutorials at little dear. #embroideryhoopart #embroideryhoopbacks #embroiderytutorials #freetutorials #littledear
an embroidery pattern with the words mushroom manda and two pictures of mushrooms on it
Mushroom embroidery pattern
Embroider unique hand stitched art with beautiful patterns and samplers from little dear. #mushroompattern #mushroomembroidery #embroiderypattern #handembroidery