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Make Up makes a difference.

They have chosen the worst photos to put against the best so it looks better, when actually there are some where they make them look prettier without make up. You do not need make up to look pretty.


Throw in some guilt with your favorite dessert with the 'I've made a big mistake' plate. This clever ceramic plate will remind you of your gluttonous ways as.

Ik mis je zo... | Een quote over het afscheid, het verdriet en het gemis na de dood van een geliefde. Vind meer inspiratie over de uitvaart en rouwen op

I miss you watching your boys grow up with all that amazing love you have for them. I miss them having you to watch over them like they so deserve. Love you forever Kelly

top Trust #quotes about love

If someone wasnt faithful to you, they didn't love you. They didn't care about breaking your heart. When you truly love someone, being faithful & trusting someone is the most natural thing. can I get an AMEN!