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four square tiles with trees and birds painted on them, hanging on a white wall
Encaustic Artist
birds are sitting in the branches of a bare tree against a blue sky with clouds
Encaustic photography blog of artist Jeff League
the painting is hanging on the wall in front of it's black frame,
an abstract painting of leaves and branches against a white background
an empty dirt road in the middle of a green field with birds flying over it
Electricien beziers | Travaux électriques sur 34500 à partir de 60€HT sur beziers
a drawing of trees in the middle of a field with lines drawn on it's sides
Appel de créations du mois d'août 2018
an oil painting of pink flowers on a gray background
Audrey - 889 Peinture par Noëlle Lassailly (France)
two yellow birds sitting on top of tall grass and wildflowers next to water
a seagull flying in the sky with a half moon behind it
Vicky on X