Never be a prisoner of your past.

Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson not a life sentence💕I had some trouble today with coping with this, but it passed. It's been a challenging day.

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And who i thought you were was a farce.a lie.a rediculous fantasy. You never were that person.but kudos to you for fooling me

I'm such a summer person. Just give me a quiet spot with a breathtaking view, a cool drink in my hand, a warm sea breeze on my skin and the soothing sounds of waves crashing and I'll be in all my glory

A year ago, everything was different. And now that I look back, I realize that a year can do a lot to a person.

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I'm in such a better place, glad I decided to end some of those toxic relationships.

Gelukkig zijn moet je durven - Rosalinda Weel

Motivation Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Gelukkig zijn moet je durven – Rosalinda Weel Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

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I love your hands your lips and how you smell i love your voice and the words you use i love the stories you tell me i love jokes and the questions you suggest i love your sentences and how you Live and you share my love poem



I believe in the ocean curing all bad moods. I believe in the waves wiping away worries. I believe in seashells bringing good luck. I believe in toes in the sand grounding my soul.

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