Bridge Over Troubled Water, original verson, Simon and Garfunkle

"Bookends" - Simon & Garfunkel - 1968 -Bookends theme -Save the life of my child -America -Overs -Voices of old people -Old friends -Fakin' it -Pnky's dilemma -Mrs. Robinson -A hazy shade of winter -At the zoo

Acoustic Guitar

emrayfo: “ Willie Nelson’s guitar. I’ve loved this instrument since the first time I saw a pin-up of it in my guitar magazine as a teenager. As craggy, charismatic and melodic as the man.

The Yardbirds - For Your Love (1965)

'For Your Love' ~ The Yardbirds, live performance, 1965 ~ Jeff Beck, lead guitar [this was after Eric Clapton left, and before Jimmy Page joined the group]

Bruce Springsteen

So rare to see a rock star adjust his style and themes to match his age. Has class, genuine concern for the downtrodden, and a great sense of humor too. A true legend.

Jack White (The White Stripes)

The 50 Most Stylish Musicians of the Last 50 Years

ben howard

There are probably about three thousand singer/songwriters to the dozen and the part of the dozen who have something worthwhile to say ca.