Skipper - Barbie's little sister

Barbie's younger sister Skipper was introduced in with three hair colors to choose from. However eventually the Skipper dolls would only be available with blonde hair.

Zaterdags als papa moest voetballen haalde we en pakje PK kauwgom bij de melkboer op de hoek.

Wrigleys PK gum and long sticks in white packet - myself and my friend used to cycle over the border to Crossmaglen to 'smuggle' these back in the day.

Wow, I remember these! Had a bunch of these little guys! ♡

BAROMETER Work lamp Nickel-plated

I collected these! I remember a bear and a bunny, and an elephant!

Leren rekenen, dit heette bij ons 'cijferen' ik kreeg er nachtmerries van.

Rekenles - I remember these sheets with relatively easy math lessons in elementary school.