Loetje Centraal Amsterdam

The most seen and also – in my opinion – the most underappreciated monumental building in Amsterdam is Smits Koffiehuis.

CoffeeConcepts Sandwichbar

After opening their first coffee and juice bar on a perfect central point in Amsterdam Zuid that they opened in the first months of Fabienne and her sister Pelou open their second location next week! The sandwich bar under … Continue reading →

Meatless District is a new restaurant in Amsterdam. Situated on the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam.

Ellis Gourmet Burger along the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam

I think you know by know that I love love love BURGERS! Now another burger restaurant opens tomorrow (Thursday 19 February where Restaurant Henk and the former Foyer used to be, on Prinsengracht Ellis Gourmet Burger opens their … Continue reading →

Sir Hummus in De Pijp in Amsterdam

Hummus is a really popular meal in the Middle East for many many years already! And now hummus has crossed borders and flown over to this part of Europe.