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a cow head mounted to the side of a wooden fence with a tag on it
Cow Rustic Recycled Corrugated Iron Metal Garden Art
Cow Rustic Recycled Corrugated Iron Metal Garden Art
a bottle cap chandelier hanging from a ceiling
Deep Caller Search
Love this for the camper! this is such a cute easy idea! I need to do this. especially since I've been collecting bottle caps to make cap bracelets (: - tomorrows adventures | tomorrows adventures
two metal hooks with eyes on them sitting on a bed
Metal Shovel Art | Metal Art Garden Frog
three spoons are hanging on the side of a building with ribbons and bows around them
vintage spoon ornies
old spoons painted for ornaments
a blue and white mosaic tile hanging from a wooden post with the words my garden on it
Mosaic Shovel
Mosaic Shovel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an owl statue sitting on top of a wooden table
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three hanging planters filled with plants on the side of a white house and one has a cat in it
Old Shovels Used as Vertical Shelves - 1001 Gardens
three decorative metal utensils hanging on a wall
I Want a Farmhouse, a Pond & Some Chickens.
for display: spray paint through lace onto shovel
a man is holding an old fashioned wind chime in his hands and standing next to a tree
garden art made from shovels
a pink flamingo chair sitting on top of a metal stand next to a sidewalk
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Shovel flamingo.
a wooden fence with bird houses on it
WYOMING FIRST: This Old Barn – Wyoming Lifestyle Magzine
two metal owls sitting next to each other on top of a carpeted floor in front of a table
shovel owls
a metal sculpture in the shape of a cow with horns on it's head
shovel and more