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Paper Plate Crown

It is easy to make a paper plate crown with kids. The cost is right also! We made this particular crown for another contribution to my AWANA Cubbies Series. This Paper Plate Crown relates to the AWANA story about King Josiah, but it would definitely be appropriate for any Bible study about kings. Of course, making...Read More


Monday Made-It - Birthday Cupcakes and an Awesome Piano!

Made-It #1 Aren't these cute? I'm glad you think so... ...because getting to this final product was a nightmare! You know when you have a "great idea" but then you get started and that great idea transforms...many times. I'm not going to go into details, but I will admit that I spent about 2 hours total getting to this point and it took a friend of mine (thanks Sara!) to give me the idea to line them up in this straight line. Go ahead...laugh and make fun of me (Kristi). I will admit that I…


First Birthday Party

I just can't believe it: my little boy is one. I've always been one to roll my eyes at parents who say "they grow up so fast", but here I am thinking the same thing myself. Instead of the tiny soft baby that used to sleepily wrap himself around my hand after eating, I now have a chatty, mischievous little boy that zooms around the house at breakneck speeds. It is a complete mystery to me how he has changed so much in just one little year. And let's leave the sentimental musings at that…


Queen of the First Grade Jungle

My name is Katie King, and I am a first grade teacher and mother of two. This is my seventh year teaching first grade and I can't, at this point in time, imagine doing anything else! I love teaching reading, being creative, and simply being with young people.

Leuk voor een verjaardagskalender

Leuke Uitnodiging kinderfeestje . Foto geplaatst door justel op

Bekijk de foto van justel met als titel Leuke Uitnodiging kinderfeestje en andere inspirerende plaatjes op


Kleurplaat van Kroon

Kroon kleurplaat. Op vind je altijd de mooiste kleurplaten van Vormen, maar ook heel veel andere, wel meer dan 15.000.

Stoepkrijt verjaardagskaart

Inspiratie voor iedereen - Blog van Kaartje2go

Bij ons vind je inspiratie voor elke levensgebeurtenis. Inspiratie rondom de geboorte van jullie kleine wonder of jullie fantastische trouwdag en nog meer!

kalender idee voor aan het begin van het schooljaar

kalender idee voor aan het begin van het schooljaar

* Taart van wc rolletjes

Taart van wc rolletjes

Niet 6 wc rolletjes om een rolletje heen. Zo krijg je het bovenste rondje. Niet ook de overige 12 wc rolletjes vast aan elkaar. Je kan ze om de bovenste rand


Resultaat verjaardagskalender

Dit is het resultaat van mijn leerlingen. Wat ben ik fier op hen!


Cupcake Birthday Wall Preschool & Kindergarten Bulletin Board Idea

When the budget is tight already it's hard to splurge for those prefabricated birthday posters and wall kits. Here's an inexpensive way to create your own birthday board that still packs a colorful punch! Supplies You'll Need Cupcake pattern ( & ) 4 sheets of pink construction paper 3 sheets of yellow construction paper Assorted colors of construction paper Craft scissors Washable school glue Fine-tipped markers Pencil Step-By-Step Instructions Creating the Cupcake Tops: Using the pattern…

Versier de kroon

Juf Marije

Versier de kroon