jip en janneke

Jip en Janneke by Fiep Westendorp. [bought these in sticker form from Hema (I think?

ieder kind groeide vroeger op met deze liga

Biscuits from Liga! A true favorite of mine when I was young. I would take two slices of (old) white bread, without the crust, one or two pieces of "Liga" and pour warm milk over both, mash it and top it with sliced banana.

Dutch cookies ; Mergpijpjes

Let me show you what my favourite Dutch candy, cakes and other Dutch food is, so next time you're in Holland, you can try some of it. if you dare!

bitter ballen  deep fried meat filled balls with a mustard sauce. Great with beer.

Dutch bitterballen are deep fried meat balls, delicious with a mustard sauce. Most Dutch people eat bitterballen during drinks in a pub/restaurant.

chocomel van nutricia

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