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five figurines in red dresses are lined up on a log
a dog made out of newspaper paper on a white surface with the words written all over it
paper mache – creativeartworksblog
a dog made out of books sitting on top of a white floor next to a wall
Homeware | Next Denmark
two birds made out of basketballs sitting on top of a counter
Mina höns
a small doll sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall and floor
two pictures of a bird made out of clay and being held by someone's hand
four paintings of people in different frames with birds on the top one and bottom two
a close up of a chicken on a table with a white wall in the background
Love Verity
before and after photos of an old chair with needled flowers on the armrests
#thrifting #chair #embroidery #recycled #black #rose
chair for deck- use pretty color like green- please minus the flower. add some homemade/thrifted cushions
a ceramic sculpture of a woman with a bird on her head