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Linus Grosmann

Linus Grosmann
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Yes :-) I'm one of the few teens who hardly ever become persuaded by peer pressure. I am what you call "rule bound" and most days I'm proud of it!

Our store has a great selection of fidgets and sensory toys for people with anxiety, adhd, autism, FASD and any other special needs.

Autistic Kitten

[Top text: Suddenly presented with a bad situation that can easily be rectified Bottom text: Panic and make the worst decision possible] A while back I had a friend who was also autistic, but his symptoms are totally different from mine.

I do not look "Autistic" and you do not look ignorant. Yet here we are.

How often doesn't people claim that I can't have asperger because I don't look autistic or because I seem so smart or nice? (As if people with aspergers aren't nice, smart or have the same appearence as "normal" people)