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a book cover with pictures of animals, birds and other things in the shape of a circle
1300+ FREE Dutch Flashcards | PDF | Picture Vocabulary
a poster with the words learn the days of the week in dutch and english on it
Learn the Days of the Week in Dutch!
the days and months of the week in english
two words are shown in the same language, which one is for what? and the other
Learn Dutch
some type of language that is used to spell out the letters in english and german
Dutch Alphabet and Pronunciation
the human body and its major functions in each part of the body, as well as some
The vocabulary of The Dutch language - part 1
an info poster with many different types of logos and colors, including blue, yellow, orange
the learn counting to 10 in dutch poster with numbers and words on it, including one number
Learn How To Count to 10 In Dutch
the words in different languages are shown with an image above it that says 10 phrases in dutch
Dutch |Nederlands| Голландский|
Dutch |Nederlands| Голландский
the color scheme for different colors in an english language, including red, orange, yellow and green
Colors in English, Dutch, German, and Swedish – Lingographics
the dutch language is used to describe what words are in each language and how they can be
Dutch conjugation chart - PDF
Learn the essential Dutch tenses fast & efficiently with this conjugation chart. A blueprint and pattern to form the most used tenses in the Dutch language. Become fluent today with this worksheet & guide to Dutch conjugations. Tenses included are the Dutch present, past, future, imperfect, present perfect and past perfect. Also included is a quick cheat to learn the way to talk in a future and past tense without learning any conjugations! #LearnDutch #Dutchconjugation #Dutchverbs #Dutchlanguage