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a black and white photo of a snow covered pine tree in the middle of winter
Let it snow <3 (Explored)
a large brown bear laying on top of rocks
Preschool Crafts | Preschool Playbook
We continued our discussion of animals in the winter. We went on to discuss the different types of animals that hibernate; bears, skunks, s...
two foxes curled up in a hole on the side of a rock wall covered in snow
Cozy Foxes
Renards à l'abri ...
a drawing of a bear sleeping on the ground with its head inside a hole in the ground
Bear Hibernation - Katmai National Park & Preserve (U.S. National Park Service)
a brown bear sleeping on the ground with his head resting on its paw and eyes closed
an animal that is inside of a tree stump
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a painting of some animals in the snow
a flock of birds flying in the sky at sunset
Geese and autumn weather
a squirrel eating a piece of bread in its mouth while sitting on the grass with it's front paws up
gathering nuts
snow falling on the ground and trees in the background
STONE COLD: A Winter Fashion Mood Board.  | ESCAPE BUTTON
Wer liebt den Winter genauso wie wir? Verschneite Wälder lassen unsere Herzen höher schlagen!
a red fox standing in the snow with its head turned to look at the camera
Photographer Documents Stunning Wild Foxes Enjoying The Snow (New Pics)
a snow covered hill with trees and mountains in the background on a cloudy, overcast day