Moblit Berner

Moblit Berner

Moblit Berner
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oh my god hes so cute, i'll hug you laughing jack

Are you, Laughing Jack going to kill us after we hugs you? All well I almost die yesterday I'll give it a shout today *hugs Laughing Jack*

Lots of people ( especially parents ) think that creepypastas are wrong for kids but I think they teach us life lessons and about how to deal with people who have had a hard Time with there life and its not always there fatl

Words can not describe the pain We feel inside Why dont you see us Cant you see how we feel Our struggles to be free We are the forgotten The betrayed We've been bullied Abused by the ones we love So we decided that the only way out Is to drown

Masky: Who says your the favorite proxy? Toby: Everyone who has good taste! Me: Huh toby Hoodie is mine Hoodie: ^-^ Toby: Ugh it hurts Me: Bbbuuuuuttt your my best friend Toby:Yay Masky: And I'm her bf Me: ^//^ yup