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First cut foot, I think I like it.


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A set of 3 small ceramic high fired houses.  The set is made of white and stone gray stoneware clay.  Hand shaped and all different in size and number of widows.  The windows has been painted with black underglaze and the roof of each house has a white or black glaze.  Perfect on the windowsill or mantelpiece.  Size approx  High 6cm (2.36 inches) Wide 2.5cm (0.98  inches) The width of the 3 houses in a row are 7cm (2.75 inches) All of my pieces are one of a kind, you can find slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process. This is what make the piece unique, individual and gives character.  The set is ready to ship.

decor houses

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Our new handmade porcelain dinner plates set the table with clean elegance. Dinnerware is glazed shiny neutral inside and smoothly polished on the outside.  Plate set includes 1 Dinner Plate + 1 Salad Plate  Plates are produced to order in our studio in Ukraine. The lead time is from 1 to 4 weeks. Shipment is safe.  Part of the proceeds is directed to the needs of Ukrainian refugees inside the country.  - Porcelain - Food-safe glaze - Lead-free materials - Dishwasher, microwave-safe - Handmade i
Malamocco Collection Gray Vase Adriani e Rossi - Artemest
Intricate Detailing, Endless Charm! Are you in search of a home décor piece that seamlessly blends artistry and practicality? Behold our Sculpture Ceramic Vase Home Décor – a masterpiece that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Ready to adorn your home with the elegance of handcrafted ceramic art? More Reasons to Love It: Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each vase is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate detailing and timeless beauty. Elevate your décor with a piece that exudes the warmth and authenticity of handcrafted ceramic artistry. Versatile Design: Whether displayed as a standalone accent or filled with your favorite blooms, this sculpture vase effortlessly enhances any room. Its versatile design complements a range of interior styles, from contemporary to


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These planters are a good size for succulents and smaller plants. They can also be used to store bits and bobs or even deeper tea light holders.I use a flecked stoneware which has a lovely creamy colour and natural dark speckles which come out in the final firing. As every piece is individually made colours and shapes will vary slightly, giving them character.Dimensions: H: 6.5cm D: 7cmDishwasher and microwave safe.Orders are posted weekly. You'll get an email with the parcel number for your par


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dog dish

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Celebrate your cherished pet with our enchanting Black Lab Ring Holder Dish, the quintessential accessory for dog lovers and style enthusiasts alike. This 3D printed treasure is designed to capture the spirit of your loyal companion while also displaying your precious rings. Charming and Functional Step into a world where functionality meets whimsy with our beautifully designed Dog Ring Holder. Its low poly design and sleek lines evoke a modern aesthetic, making it an irresistible addition to an
Cat Ring Cone Choose Your Colour Ceramic Jewellery Holder


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Bud Vase Set – Heath Ceramics


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🥣 ITEM DESCRIPTION: Brown stoneware clay. White glossy glaze i. Wheel-thrown beaker . This product is dishwasher, microwave and food safe. Suitable for coffee, green and white tea, cold drinks. 🥣 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: All our pottery is hand-made so the stock is pretty limited. However, if you would like to purchase more than we currently got in stock or something what's not in stock at all - feel free to contact me directly so we can prioritise the items you order. Please keep in mind that the creation cycle of our ceramics is up to 4 weeks - so, please order in advance especially if you are ordering before public holidays. 🥣 SIZE AND SHAPE: Size and shape of every products is specified in the Item description field, but it's worth to mention that both size and shape of the shipped prod
Who we source from Creating Comfort Lab is a Ukrainian-American brand with most of its team in Ukraine. This is a very practical way to stand with Ukraine and support artisans in the wartorn country. About this product Simple black or white matte stoneware plate with straight sides. Great for everyday and special occasions. The white glaze reminds a whipped egg white with sugar - it's matte and very small crystals of sugar are showing. It's a beautiful, silky, and unique coating. Fired at very h

clay black

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Salter Pottery on Instagram: "Trimming a wine cup 🍷 #clay #ceramics #howto #wine"


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press plates

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Pin for Later: The Best Last-Minute Gifts Under $150 Salt and Pepper Cellars Pigeon Toe Ceramics Folded Salt and Pepper Cellars ($48)


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"These concrete soap dishes are handmade and one of a kind. Measuring approx.  3 1/4\"L x 2 3/4\"W . Perfect catch-all, trinket dish or jewelry holder in the bedroom or bathroom.  Due to the nature of concrete each item will have slightly different characteristics, variations in color and pattern.  Each item is sealed with matte sealer to protect from water.   I typically have 12 of each color in stock."
Dor & Tan - Round Soap Dish - Natural
Our custom soap dishes are perfect for holding your artisan soaps! Soap Dish Features: Individually handcrafted by Shawna Pierce Pottery Each soap dish is unique and one of a kind Beautiful piece of functional art to display in your home Photo Credit: Shawna Pierce Pottery

soap dish

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Bring a touch of the southwest to your everyday routine with these beautiful plates by Whiskey & Clay. Made from a blend of stoneware and porcelain, with a speckled white glaze inside that swirls and drips over the outside edge, each piece is totally unique. Available in two sizes, one perfect for lunch or a salad, and one sized for dinner. Whiskey & Clay is a small-batch handmade pottery studio in Santa Fe, NM, by Kimmy Rohrs. Inspired by her high and low desert homes in Santa Fe and Terlingua,

clay red

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Spiral wedging takes its name from the shape created in the clay during the process: The clay creates a spiral pattern. The Spiral wedging technique is a little more advanced than the Ram’s Head method and takes a little more skill to master. It’s worth putting in the time though, as I find you can wedge more clay in one go.


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"Large Ceramic Black Bowl, Ceramic Serving Bowl, Ceramic Baking Casserole, Large Deep Baking Dish, Pottery XL Casserole Dish, Wedding Gift This stunning ceramic black bowl can be a perfect gift for a foodie, a gift for newlyweds, or simply a treat to yourself :) A unique baking and serving dish for everyday or special occasions. This ceramic serving bowl is multifunctional - baking, serving, decorative.. as you wish! Fill this black fruit bowl with pine cones during the holiday season for a fest

bowls serving

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Display beautiful dining set-ups with the Pebble Chopstick Rest! This classy rest is small and cute yet perfect for resting your spoon, fork, chopstick, butter knife or other utensil! It’s a sanitary option that will also keep your tables clean and make clean up easy as well!  Comes with 1 Rest  Made in South Korea Hand Washing Recommended  Please Note: Small marks or fading along the bottom and edges are normal and caused by the firing and glazing process
Cutlery that is an integral part of every meal with chopsticks The Japanese word Hashioki probably sounds unfamiliar to many, but this word leaves behind a meaning that all sushi gourmets really need. We are talking about the chopsticks' holder. It is tableware, similar to a knife rest or a spoon rest, used to keep chopstick tips off the table and to prevent used chopsticks from contaminating or rolling off tables. They come in various shapes and are made of clay, wood, plastic, metal, glass, po

chopstick rest

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Utensil holder Ceramic utensil holder Utensil crock Kitchen | Etsy

jug pot

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A year ago my pottery adventure started and I learned so much in that year. There are lots of practical things I wish I knew before I started my own studio, so here are my tips and tricks!


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Pour-over Carafe by Stone + Sparrow | Wescover Vessels & Containers
Porcelanowy zestaw zainspirowany przypadkowymi odkształceniami gliny podczas przygotowywania jej do pracy.

sets pour

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Intentionally designed to show the handcrafted nature of each piece, the Wabi Collection is comprised of ceramics with character as they are crafted, glazed, and fired by a women run artisan collective. Store your jewelry or hold your bar soap in a beautifully handcrafted catch all. Materials Ceramic
Vajilla pastel - Mi Proyecto del curso: Cerámica en casa para principiantes | Domestika

trinket dish

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These weighty tea light holders can help cosy up a wintery night, bath or warm summer evening chatting away in the garden. They are sold separately, so you can mix and match colours.I use a flecked stoneware which has a lovely creamy colour and natural dark speckles which come out in the final firing. As every piece is individually made colours and shapes will vary slightly, giving them character.Dimensions: H: 4cm D: 7cmDishwasher and microwave safe.Orders are posted weekly. You'll get an email


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"🍽️ Buy 2 or more items and get 15% discount 💛 Crockery is not just decor, it is an atmosphere, it is an energy that will be around us. Morning invigorating coffee allows us to wake up and feel the energy of a new day. Over a cup of coffee with friends and acquaintances, we discuss the past days and news, share emotions and opinions. For coffee people invite each other on a date to discover the wonderful world of love. Each of these moments is special and part of this wonderful atmosphere is t


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