Sfeerplaatjes voor mijn boek in wording
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Looks like the Place of No Stars (home to some mega-uber-awesome villains)

Illustration inspiration

Juan Carlos Barquet is a freelance artist from Mexico City who specializes in fantasy and sci-fi environment art. Check them out below, or visit his Deviantart

Somewhere Out There by Pascal Campion .... somewhere out there - Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkI-B2JWSZI

Status:Single by Pascal Campion ~~ The artist got this right; me (plus 40 yrs or so!) in my bedroom, with my cat (always at my side) gazing out of the window. Maybe it should be "Status: Single/Lonely".

Medieval Portal, would be cool for having in a back yard in a wooded area and have this portal lead to a secret garden or something fun

(Secret) Garden - bluepueblo: Medieval Portal, Lincolnshire, England photo via tracey

A haunting arch looks deep into a winter forest, you hear a friendly whispering voice bidding you to enter. Chills go down your back, but you slowly, carefully, obey looking all around as you go. A breeze blows from behind you, and when you turn the arch had vanished... How do you feel? What is your next thought? ~:^)>

Snow Arch, Cambridge, England (looks like something out of Narnia) A place for a Narnia cosplay photoshoot maybe?

rustic bunk beds with ladder

rustic bunk beds with ladder My ancestors, and those of many of you reading this, built a log cabin outside of They slept in a loft, lived and cooked downstairs.

Church ruin in Norfolk, England

Creepy gothic church ruin in Norfolk, England “Local myth has it that the nun who lived here was a witch with a wooden leg. After she died and was buried in the church, this tree began to grow from her grave, having sprouted from the wooden leg!