Holland tulip flower farm

Tulip Fields, Netherlands This tulip field in the Netherlands has a wide area of land filled with beautiful tulips in different colors, making it attractive and colorful like a rainbow ,from Iryna

Schaatsen op de grachten!

As a resident of Amsterdam, this shit is way too cool

schaatsen op de grachten in Amsterdam/ ice skating on the canals of Amsterdam. when the lakes are frozen an the ice is good enough to skate.all the dutch come out of their warm houses to go ice skating!

Jip en Janneke

Jip en Janneke by Fiep Westendorp. [bought these in sticker form from Hema (I think?

Tulip chairs in Eindhoven Netherlands

Creatieve tulp-stoelen in Eindhoven. Tulip chairs in the Netherlands. ingenious outdoor chairs for the public - tulip flip chairs

FolkCostume: Costume of Volendam, North Holland, The Netherlands

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume of Volendam, North Holland, The Netherlands

Queen Beatrix

Beatrix of the Netherlands (Born Daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. She succeeded her mother as Queen.