Miranda Menting

Miranda Menting

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Leuk voor buiten Bonnie grand daughter here is a new idea with pallets.. did not now you could make so many things out of pallets. could start a small business

Snowman wreath! Too cute!

STEP 1: Slice thin pieces of wood from a dried log. We used our chop saw and did it nice and slowly with a piece of black birch, but any will do. When the log got smaller, we stopped for safety reasons. Tie a piece of burlap on a flat wooden wreath form first to hang it and then attach the wood slices in a single layer using an adhesive. Do not use hot glue if you are planning to use it outdoors as it can melt and fall apart. ~ Laura Putnam

Net even anders Happy Birthday wensen, dat kan met deze verjaardagskaart.

1950's Lavender Print

1950's dress

Happy Birthday! tjn