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a close up view of the door handle on a white cabinet
Architraaf facet breed (modern)
the door is open and there are two different doors in this room with white walls
Deurlijsten | Binnendeuren | Austria Deuren
a vase with plants in it sitting on the floor next to a door that has glass panels
Droompaleis | Robert Kolenik - The Art of Living (NL)
an empty room with glass doors and shelves
Kamer en suite | Meubelmakerij Wielink
a living room filled with lots of white furniture and shelves covered in glass door doors
Kamer en suite volledig op maat gemaakt | Ben interieurbouw, Breda
an empty room with black and white bookcases
Ensuite Kast en Hangend Dressoir - PDI Interieurbouw
an office with glass doors leading to the other rooms and desks on either side
Op maat gemaakte meubels, stijlvolle wandkasten of handgemaakte keukens.
an open door leading into a dining room
Portfolio met gerealiseerde interieurontwerpen - WarmWit Interieurontwerp