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there is a small pavilion on the side of the road next to water and statues
Hindu temple, Jaffna, Sri Lanka by Mirella Mels
the ocean waves are rolling in to shore
Great Ocean Road, Australia by Mirella Mels
people are on the beach as the sun sets
Sunset Ashram - Ibiza by Mirella Mels
a wooden bed sitting on top of a rocky hillside next to the ocean with an umbrella over it
Ibiza by Mirella Mels
an aerial view of the great wall of china with mountains and blue sky in the background
The Great Wall, Beijing, China by Mirella Mels
many sticks with writing on them are lined up in the sand and placed next to each other
Leshan, China by Mirella Mels
the sun is setting over the ocean with surfboards and flags in the foreground
Dutch coast by Mirella Mels
there are many colorful umbrellas hanging in the air on this street side by side
Beira Litoral, Portugal.
three hot air balloons flying in the sky over a mountain at sunset, with the sun setting behind them
Balloons at Dawn by Alex Brûlé, via 500px
a large yellow sunflower with green leaves and flowers in the background
My B-day Flowers
a large group of people standing in front of a stage with red balloons on it
Balloon Wave @ A Day At The Park Festival - Amsterdam 2012