When it comes to storage ideas with a vintage style, some things to look for are pieces made out of metal (galvanized or with a porcelain enamel), wicker, or glass. Storing anything in glass jars really recreates that vintage look and feel as seen in picture (2) – this is because we all use inexpensive […]

Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas

Nature Inspired Beach House.

Love the bed elevated above the rest of the room~ White interior: ceiling, windows, natural lights. (Beach house project by Evi and Jochem Elsner, Home Concept)

Simple DIY Shelves (love that all of these supplies came from Home Depot!) #DIY

Simple DIY Shelves (AKA The Project That Cost Me 3x More and a New Windshield

Simple DIY Shelves (AKA The Project That Cost Me More and a New Windshield…) - Vintage Revivals

blue and white ginger jars

Driven By Décor: Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Vases & Ginger Jars

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