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five small houses are lit up on wooden blocks with flowers and plants painted on them
Meadow Houses Floral Tealight Holder Collection - Hand Painted Ceramic House - Pastel Flowers Design Pink Green Cream Grey
Small Teal - 14x8.5x7cm. Small Pink - 15x8x7.5cm. Small Grey - 11x10x8cm. Large Pink - 19x11.5x9.5cm. Large Teal - 20x11x10cm. Large Grey - 22x11x9cm. Teal Chimney - 12x7.5x6.5cm. Grey Chimney - 16.5x10x8.5cm. The Meadow Houses collection is a wide range of ceramic village style houses which also serve as tealight holders. When a single tealight is lit inside, a warm glowing ambience is cast through each widow. Each house is unique as every piece is individually hand painted and finished, while showcasing a variety of distinctive features across each house such as floral meadow like flowers including bluebells, daffodils, lavender and many more. The versatile pieces suit any home setting and can be placed anywhere from a mantlepiece, tabletop or shelf. The Meadow Houses collection covers
two vases with flowers and plants in them on a wooden table next to each other
How to make 2 Stunning Paper Flowers - Easy Paper Craft - DIY Flowers - Home Decor
the instructions for how to make a paper basket
Recycled Paper Basket Weaving ( Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial )
four pieces of colorful paper are hanging from a keychain on a brown surface
Kľúčenky pre potešenie kolegýň...., Papierové tašky
several pins and needles are placed next to two cup holders on a white tablecloth
Tricotín 3: en busca del tesoro o cómo fabricar tu propio Tricotín
several different pictures of paper and crafting supplies