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The three stages of life…

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Sleepless night and im laying w/the man of my dreams but i still can't sleep grrr

I get a shit ton of writing done, insomnia sucks, but these poems lately have been deep. I've a massed 3 full journals in 3 months. All of them with the first page stating, "should I die and you all FINALLY find them

When I want to fall asleep but can't

Mine needs to be defraged! Dump A Day ! tRUE - why I can't sleep at night.

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Nine of the tien keer, when I wAnna go slapen, lay I plat in my bed, another Half hour, to the plafond te staren

I want to sleep but my brain won't stop talking to itself - tips to fall asleep.

13 Ways To Fall Asleep When You Can't Stop Tossing And Turning

I want to sleep but my brain won't stop talking to itself.story of my life.


Disney plot twist: Aurora had her beauty sleep and woke up filled with a hundred years no-disturbed-kinda-power and slay the dragon.

Sleepless In Chicago

Finding your pet in your face when you wake up. My dog Reese does this sometimes in the middle of the night lol.


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