Appeltaart met sterren

Le nouveau 750g le mag' est arrivé ! Pascale, l'Angleterre, et plein d'autres choses… et un apple pie tout étoilé pour fêter ça…

All American apple pie with Stars instead of lattice work. Not much on a top crust apple pie but! How beautiful for the

meloen met ham

Prosciutto and Melon Skewers. Thread 1 melon ball and 1 prosciutto slice, onto 4 inch wooden skewers.

lekkere hapjes maken, parmaham met roomkaas besmeren, daarop leg je rijkelijk rucola sla en pijnboonpitten.. Oprollen maar, in stukjes snijden en smullen!

Ham-creamcheese bites with rucola and pine nuts. Simple and very tasty. I used a thin sliced Couburger-ham which is a salty ham, a little ground pepper on the natural creamcheese and I made sandwiches to take on a boat trip in stead off rolls.

Wat slim zeg! Appeltaart ter grote van een cupcake!

apple pies for thanksgiving I didn't find the pie recipe. But there was a great white cake recipe I have to try. Maybe if you keep digging around on her site you'll find the individual apple pie recipe. For now I'm happy.

Tomaten gevuld met spinazie en champginons, lekker als voor- of bijgerecht

Stuffed tomatoes with spinach and mushrooms - Dutch recipe

schwarzwalder mess

Schwarzwalder Mess: A version of Eaton Mess, but with cherries, kirsch liqueur, vanilla bean, meringue and cream.

Pompoensoep Met Geroosterde Knoflook recept |

Pompoensoep Met Geroosterde Knoflook recept |

verkruimel 4 stroopwafels vermeng met 4 el. karamelsaus leg op bodem vd bakvorm. meng 250ml slagroom, 150gr. monchou, 2x vanillesuiker doe in de vorm op de kruimels. verkruimel 4 stroopwafels, strooi bovenop. 1uur in koelkast!

stroopwafeltaart DiBurro doesn't this sound AMAZING!