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a man standing at a podium with a hard hat on top of it and a large building in the background
A'DAM Tower Amsterdam
A’DAM Sept 2014 – Eberhard van der Laan – Photo by Jasper Juinen
three men standing in front of a purple wall with construction hats on and one wearing a yellow hard hat
A'DAM Tower Amsterdam
A’DAM Partners Sept 2014 – Photo by Jasper Juinen
an image of the different types of food and drink labels on a black background with arrows pointing to each other
a large building with lots of different colored signs on it's side and the words eat, party, create, work, dream
Creative Hub - Adam Toren
an aerial view of a construction site with the words adam above it in white letters
an aerial view of a building with many signs on it
a tall building with a large advertisement on it's side next to another building
EYE Institute - SHELL tower
SHELL TOWER - AMSTERDAM. De vijftien verdiepingen hoge toren aan het IJ, in de volksmonds nog steeds de Shelltoren, wordt na de naamsverandering tot Toren Overhoeks, nu omgedoopt tot A'DAM. Bron =