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Fall trees Q-tip painting. Cute and simple craft for the kids.heck, I'd like to try this myself! :) Creative Kids,DIY & Crafts for kids,Fabulous little Artists: Art ideas and lessons for Ideas,K

Swing from an empty shoe box

Swing from an empty shoe box. Paint the shoebox, add the rope and "child", scoot it up so no strain on the swing when adding other things in box. After kids empty box, they find one last treasure.

Paint records or cds and hang them for unique art

DIY Wall Decoration with CD-paint a solid color and then use scratch art tools to expose the prismatic silver underneath.

Symmetrical self-portraits - great idea for teaching symmetry and measurement. Excellent step-by-step instructions.

Math meets Art: Symmetry Self-Portraits. Showing students how symmetrical they are! Have students cut out picture of themselves and then cut in half. Students are then able to draw the other half.

dotpainting lievelingsdier

Art: Dotpaint your favorite Pet, with Qtips or the back of a pencil with eraser. Little kids can use a piece of a winecork

techniek in de klas: we timmeren een spinnenweb !!

Techniek in de klas: we timmeren een spinnenweb ! / Technology in the classroom: we hammering a spiderweb!

handvaardigheid - spookhuis

A haunted house picture craft for kids.

Ruimtelijk effect

I have helping hands. Teaching the Elements of Art with hands - this picture shows form - pin links to fabulous ideas!

skyline met sint en piet, groepswerk

skyline met sint en piet, groepswerk

tekenen - vierkante bomen

"Little Trees Growing" by Loretta Grayson. These originals are oils. Thinking grade could maybe do this as a paper mosaic and maybe zentangle tree trunk.

Juf Jaydee: Handvaardigheid

vlieger in de wind



Een fantasie insect, maar met regels van opbouw insect.

symmetry with insects.

Herinnering aan de zomer

You need: square drawing sheet 20 x 20 cm colour pencils Divide the sheet in four squares. Draw in every square your own summer memory!

The prettiest winter art project ever!

Skating Under the Starry Sky Card

Absolutely AWESOME seasonal art project ideas for elementary classes.The prettiest winter art project ever!

Kinderen tekenen het gezicht (of een deel hiervan) van een sneeuwpop vanuit verschillende gezichtspunten: van bovenaf, frontaal, van onderaf, en profiel, ondersteboven enz. De tekeningen worden ingekleurd met oliepastels. Natuurlijk komen de kleuren in alle tekeningen terug, het is immers steeds dezelfde sneeuwman! Omlijn de onderdelen met zwart oliepastel. Maak een mooie compositie van de tekeningen en plak ze op gekleurd karton.

Drawings of the same snowmen face or part of the face from different points of view: front, side, above, from underneath, upside down etc. Colored with oil pastels. Outline everything with black oil pastel.