This might make me consider cruises for once.

SS Nieuw Amsterdam lithograph poster from by Reyn Dirksen The Nieuw Amsterdam was a Dutch ocean liner built in Rotterdam for the Holland America Line. This Nieuw Amsterdam, the second of four Holland America ships with that name, is considered by

Holland-America Line

Holland-America Line

Poster by A. M. Cassandre (1901-1968), 1928, New Statendam Holland America Line.

Vintage Poster Travel ad: by A. Cassandre New Statendam Holland America Line.

S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam    This was the ship called the Darling of the Dutch...launched in 1938. I crossed the Atlantic many times, both directions, on this beautiful ship with my parents. On overseas furlough from Aruba to Amsterdam in the fifties, this was one of the ways to get across. The other direction we flew KLM DC-6 or Constellation or Super Constellations... This was a lovely lady, beloved and graceful on the seas...I miss her, very, very much.

Nieuw Amsterdam I was many times in that ship while it was at La Guaira port in Venezuela