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three cats sitting on top of bookshelves in a room with wood floors and white walls
A bookcase and cat tree in one.
there are many jars and vases on the shelf
41 ideas for mason jars
a blue and white wall mounted on the side of a wooden board with magnets attached to it
DIY meal planning menu board
Meal planning menu board #DIY ... great way to stay on track all week with healthy options planned out ahead of time.
the stairs are painted with words on them
Something like this on the stairs would be soooo cute...and then it could say "Love in AOT" and/or "Kappa Delta." It's about more than golfing, boating, and beaches; it's about a lifestyle KW
several vases with flowers and candles on a table
Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas
DIY centerpieces = distilled water + fake flowers + dollar store vases
a white bathroom with three shelves holding toiletries
Hanging Baskets Craft Project