This Swedish apartment is styled to perfection by stylist Hans Blomquist. Moody dark walls, creatively displayed art prints and decor details we're itching to steal.

#ChalkPaint on the wall and the mirror. #krijtverf op de muur en de spiegel. colors Wall North Sea Silt, mirror Aubergine. credits: Casa el Campo, Wonen Landelijke stijl 2010-04, Denise Keus. Take a look also on or .nl

What a great way to make your home look bigger and more grandiose. Big mirrors can do that. You can put big mirrors in any corner of the house. For example

Lime paint, Fresco kalkverf #betonlook . kleur: Thunder Sky. Vloer: Floorpaint Regular ...

Fresco lime paint in the colour Thunder Sky, applied in the grey toned living room

pure and Original Paint colors Lime Paint ChalkPaint kalkverf krijtverf

Fresco Lime paint and Marrakech Walls have specific colour nuances in it which makes the paint unique.

Just perfect and what a beautiful atmosphere. Lime Paint color thunder sky. picture De Potstal in Valburg.

Just perfect and what a beautiful atmosphere. picture De Potstal in Valburg.