DIY photo bookmark craft

Photo Bookmarks

Photo Bookmarks - Nearly Crafty DIY photo bookmark craft. The perfect gift for readers. Add some hearts and make it a Valentines card/bookmark Really want fantastic hints about arts and crafts? Go to my amazing site!

Vintage Spool Necklaces

DIY Love- Sweet Vintage Spool Necklaces Lisa says: Ohh! or an ornament, little earrings (if tiny spools), many in a mobile hanging, or my favorite idea: as danglies off of a journal spine!

Spool Necklaces with pearls

Beautiful gift for those music teachers we love----Necklaces (or ornaments!) made from vintage wooden spools and sheet music

Custom Photo Candle Holders | DIY Packing Tape Transfers #michaelsmakers from By Stephanie Lynn

Custom Photo Candle Holders

Easy to make Valentine´s day card. DIY on Dosfamily. It is fun. It is thrifty and it is easy to make. That is how I like it! This is a DIY that really don´t need an explanation but I´ll give you the step by step anyway. 1. Make a sign. 2. Pose infront of the camera holding the sign and a imaginary flower in your hand. 3. Say Cheese and click!. 4. Print. 5. Cut above and under your hand. 6. Pick (or buy/make) a flower and stick it through the card. 7. Give! Alla hjärtans dag kort

Easy to make card for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc: Make a sign, pose in front of the camera holding the sign and a imaginary flower; cut slits above and under the hand; slip a flower through the slits

' je bent me er eendje' Traktatie op de dag van de leidster/ juffendag

je bent me er eentje

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