Super-fun balloon rockets also teach an important science lesson. | 37 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Winter

Balloon Rockets - I've done this in several science camps I've conducted. Kids have fun with it. But, when the balloon deflates it may fall off the straw because it's surface area changes - another good thing to show and explain to kids.

Cute winter craft activity. Little snowman.

Snowman Crafts for Kids - Snowman on stick, Snowman Ornament. See more Snowman Crafts for kids!

Cotton ball snowman - now that's fun and easy for little hands to make!

Easy Christmas crafts kids can put together in a snap

Snowman Paint-Glue & Shaving cream makes a puffy paint

Top 20 Winter Themed Toddler Craft Collection

Glued to my Crafts: Top 20 Winter Themed Toddler Craft Collection. Mix cup white glue with shaving cream into a small bowl.