Hallway Signs  (A Place For Us Blog) Her style is so cute and her tutorials are awesome!  Love this blog!  great ideas for home decor and DIY

my diy home projects I made these signs and they are hanging in my kitchen under 3 doors (Bathroom, Pantry, & Downstairs). Idea was originally from A Place For Us and I LOVE the Vinyl wording. I will be using Vinyl wording a lot in my decor.

Castle Stones Bricks verdeler: www.eisinga-brands.nl

Castle Stones Bricks /// could do faux brick on cement?

Het Moonhuis: Even opfrissen

Het Moonhuis: Even opfrissen shabby chic cottage bungalow romantic country

Castle Stones Vs Trap Van Oude Hoffz Bankjes....

creepy, creaky basement stairs- I would add fake cobwebs to the chandelier and my flooring would be wood like the stairs