sneeuwman van plastic bekertjes

Everyone has seen or made the solo cup sparkle balls we see during the holidays but have you ever thought of a solo cup snowman ! I have got to try this ! He would be even better with white lights !

I have tossed some of my favorites because they had scarred heels

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Tea pots made of paper - cute tea party favours!

tea pots made of paper - cute tea party favors! plus other tea party favors/ideas!

3 grappige Sinterklaas surprises

3 grappige Sinterklaas surprises

Recept - Schoorsteentjes met strooigoed - Allerhande

Schoor­steen­tjes met strooi­goed

Schoorsteentjes met strooigoed - chimneys with Sinterklaas candy recipe.

Knutselwerkje Oorbellen (hele grote) van

Knutselwerkje Oorbellen (hele grote) van