Inside My Head: an activity for kids.....maybe to try to explain ideas/thoughts/feelings   ....

Inside My Head

Inside My Head: an activity for kids.for teaching schema/beginning of the year activity. Maybe hide student names on finished ones and make guessing game for parents on bAck to school night?

Sta eens wat meer stil bij wat je voelt... Wat zit er onder jouw boosheid? We uiten ze naar de ander... maar wat zegt deze boosheid ons over onszelf? Wat zou er gebeuren denk je als jij jezelf kwetsbaar opstelt Wat zou er gebeuren als je jouw onderliggende gevoelens zou delen met de ander Wat zou er gebeuren als je jouw boosheid zou uitleggen vanuit je heart-emoticon in plaats van ze te uiten...

It's important to identify the WHY of anger and that often can be found in the emotion that is behind anger. Once you can identify why you're angry, it is easier to understand and control it.

Hoe kunnen we een conflict oplossen? Een wijzer die op de speelplaats een plaatsje krijgt. Probeer de stappen uit!

Kelso's nine problem-solving solutions on a "Kelso's Choice Wheel." Kelso's Choice strategies are an important part of our Second Grade experience at our school.

Emotional Thermometer/Feeling Thermometer/Mood Thermometer: Limited Emotions. $4.00, via Etsy.

Emotional Thermometer/Feeling Thermometer/Mood Thermometer have children change go back to it throughout the day and change according to their mood

Hulpmiddel om gevoelens aan te geven. Kijk eens op of volg gewoon al mijn borden. Nog leuker!

In Dominant Culture, Donald Duck is a icon has important place in American culture. He can represent some of American values and cultural practices.

what I see myself doing this summer activity

Kids Artists: Sunglasses - what do you see yourself doing this summer? The Art of Being Awesome

Make a face DIY Toy for teaching emotion identification

Learning about emotions is fun and exciting with this DIY toy with changing faces!

De 4 G's

Neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique and hypnotherapy are extremely powerful tools.

Draw emotion faces on ping pong balls to play feelings identification games with children!

EMOTIONS GAME: floating feelings: feeling faces drawn on ping pong balls with a sharpie. float in a bowl of water. child scoops one out with a slotted spoon or tongs and identifies the feeling and a time they experienced that feeling.