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a drawing of a rose and two pencils
Nail accessories - Wheretoget
This would make a pretty tattoo :3
a heart shaped tattoo with a butterfly on top
Trying to recover 🙏 : Photos
butterfly tattoo
an old school tattoo design with hearts and stars
Sailor Stuff
Sailor Jerry style
a black and white drawing of an insect with the moon in the middle of it
a drawing of an animal with flowers on it's antlers and two other animals
Perhaps a horse with dogs instead of wolves? In a similar water colour style with flowers and other embellishments.
a pencil drawing of a globe with flowers and butterflies on it next to a ruler
Decorated Skin
Antique globe book and butterfly :) Lovely custom drawing
a bunch of different types of flowers on a purple background with the words damask elements in
36 Damask Ornamental Elements
36 Damask Ornamental Elements #GraphicRiver Vector set of damask ornamental elements.
a black and white drawing of an anchor with a compass on it's side
Enthralling Compass Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meaning
Compass Tattoo with Anchor
a painting of a skull with flowers on it
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
I'm not badass enough to have a skull tattoo but I'm obsessed with them
two pencils are laying on top of a book with an image of the eye
20 Amazing Tattoo sketches that will blow your mind
20 Amazing Tattoo sketches that will blow your mind |