Quick and easy bathroom cleaning

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Coca cola for cleaning my toilet! Just imagine what it does to our insides! Previous Pinner said: Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains! Also used Coke for cleaning soot off of the fireplace heat box, or outdoor grill.

29 Hacks For The Frugal Clean Freak

You're No. 1! And No. 2!

If you back up the toilet at work or someones house with no plunger available, look for liquid hand soap or liquid dishwashing soap. Dump some in the toilet and wait about five minutes and flush again.

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17 Invaluable Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know

If you've ever had a toothache, you know relief can't come fast enough. These home remedies for a toothache have you smiling again in no time!

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Fancy yourself a chef? Here are 6 quick and easy kitchen home hacks that you can use to make your cooking life far less complicated.

You don't need a closet of supplies to keep your place neat. Just a few household items — including baking soda — can keep you covered.


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How To Clean Your Glass Shower Door With A Lemon & Salt

A couple of weeks ago my hubby was complaining about the "scum" on the inside of the glass shower door in our bathroom. Even though we squeegee the door after

DIY Tip: A few drops of essential oils in the cardboard tube of your toilet paper roll will keep your bathroom smelling fresh every day and other tips; I think I'll do this with my paper towel rolls, too.

A little essential oil or vanilla on the bottom of the inside bottom of a toilet paper roll to keep your bathroom smelling good naturally - no chemical sprays!

This Bathroom Hack Will Keep Your Mirrors Fog-Free. use a bar of soap.

This Bathroom Hack Will Keep Your Mirrors Fog-Free

A hot shower is absolutely the best in the morning — but dealing with a steamed-up mirror is a bother. We saw this smart life hack on Pinterest and had

Cleaning Tip for this Week Clean Tile Grout With This Homemade Grout Cleaner Want a simple trick for cleaning grout in your shower, bath, or kitchen? This homemade grout cleaner works great and it only requires 2 ingredients: baking soda and bleach!

29 Hacks For The Frugal Clean Freak

Bonus: most of these are earth-friendly, too.

14 Clever Deep Cleaning Tips & Tricks Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

Deep clean your bathroom with a power drill.

Why didn't I think of that?!