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Importance of thickened liquids. I've been waiting for someone to explain this to me. Thank you, Pinterest
Dysphagia Tablet w/ swallowing diagrams.


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Painting Your Writing {Using Paint Chip Samples in the Classroom}
Need new synonym activities? Grab these shades of meaning mats and illustrated synonym word cards. These activities made a great literacy center for all my 2nd graders and were especially helpful for my ELLs!


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Speech-Agories. A no prep, no print game to target any articulation goal with individual students or groups
Articulation Mini Objects Box - Where to find the Organizer plus cheap trinkets! Great for play-based tx and sensory bins!
These mini articulation cards are ideal for the busy SLP! Great for use with larger and mixed groups during speech therapy sessions. Intended for articulation and phonology but versatile enough to use with language and vocabulary targets. Compact for easy storage and for traveling from school to school. 530 speech sound targets. Use with your preschool, kindergarten and early elementary students. A speech room must have! Click here for more!


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This parent friendly FREE handout explains evaluation scores, standard scores, and percentile ranks! Perfect for speech therapists and IEP meetings! Just sign up for a newsletter for SLPs to get your copy! From Speechy Musings.

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Possessive -s Worksheets
Ways to use Mr. Potato Head in Therapy
This would be FUNNY! Dice with emotions & animals--kids have to act them out. A great rainy day game for the kids!


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Fall Sight Word Trees
Oh, How Pintearesting!: Summer of 60 Pins, #21: Speech Therapy Room Wall Art

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FUN-ctional speech room decor ideas!
The very hungry caterpillar visits our room!
Teacher and Small group area. Life without a teacher desk

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It seems like many of you are looking for more ways to incorporate EET into your therapy rooms.  One way I have used EET with older students is to teach them how to summarize non-fiction texts!   I have found fun and interesting topics on various websites such as Superteacherworksheets.com and ABCteach.com such as biographies …
Chit Chat and Small Talk: Pairing a Picture Dictionary with the Expanding Expression Tool
The 8th Word Wonder! Speech & Language Therapy Blog: Using Carrier Sentences and EET


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Search Results for “puzzles” – Between3Sisters
A Creative Day: Classroom Makeover--Reveal


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Our Has/Have & Is/Are grammar cards contain 72 cards per set to help students with the repetition needed for grammar skills!! From theautismhelper.com #theautismhelper
tutorial for making a foldable to learn contractions or compound words


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Freebie: A syllable worksheet for the 's' sound. Use for sound in initial, medial and final positions. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/sostherapy/.

Articulation - /s/

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Articulation bookmarks.pdf

Articulation - /sh/

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I love using my No Frills Articulation products.  I keep them all in a binder and am able to flip through to the pages I need quickly.  They...
Quick Artic ($0.00) Quick Artic is a free IPhone application for Speech Language Pathologists which contains 566 images tagged with titles and categorized by “phonemes”.     This easy to use application features a scoring utility which keeps track of the correct and incorrect answers. Quick Artic automatically calculates the score.The application includes ten most common phonemes in all positions of words. It can be used in therapy or for quick articulation screening.
FREE Articulation Word Lists for 14 different sounds in all positions!  Perfect for the on the go SLP!

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Repetitive Book List For Apraxia of Speech  Download the FREE printable list of 25 children's picture books - Sweet Southern Speech #speechtherapy #apraxiaofspeech
Using mini objects instead is a super fun way to make repetitive therapy more engaging. Let me show you how I set up my boxes. I created them for Apraxia therapy using CV and VC variants!
Dear Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician: Please Don’t Do That! | Smart Speech Therapy LLC


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Nadie se escapa del la afasia
Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) Freebie for SLPs/Teachers. From @Sublime Speech

better speech and hearing month

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Awesomeness and Autism: Work Box; Work Task; Adapted materials; Classroom setup; visuals
NEW Poster:  "The Parts of a Friend"  {Melonheadz Clipart Version}  Both boys and girls are available in this download.  $
children's books about Autism recommended by growingbookbybook.com


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theotsiproject:  Aphasia #OT #Conditions
Aphasia Summary. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.


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February Feature: Auditory Processing
Accommodations for Students With Auditory Processing Disorder
Information and Support for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)  ...interesting...


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Expanding communication for students in my special education classroom is always my goal. When we start working on following directions and understanding spatial concepts, I love to use picture books. Seeing the prepositions in action in these books is a great start for my students to start understanding and using prepositions. #specialeducation #weteachsped #iteachsped #autismclassroom #prepositions #spatialconcepts
paper plate weather chart


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Conjunctions For First Grade
Transition words and conjunctions list from sparklebox.co.uk
Anchors Away Monday: Conjunction Anchor Chart by Crafting Connections!   Includes a FREE interactive notebook entry!


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For kids with dysgraphia, the effort of writing can get in the way of learning. Here's a look at some classroom accommodations that can help kids with writing issues.
5 Great Mentor Texts for Teaching Visualizing - check out the blog post for teaching strategies for visualization.

Elementary Speech Language

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