Dandelion off center photo, capturing the beauty of a weed closeup. I really enjoy how the dandelion takes over the photo.

mooie schalen met orchidee op stoere zuilen #iloveit! #Pintratuin

Ok this is really cool but whoever has this in their house obviously never has kids over or house pets!

Elegance en noir (via Bloglovin.com )

Elegance en noir (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

How perfect are these home knits by Ferm Living?  The Danish design shop has created a knitted accessories collection featuring chunky weaves and modern concepts.  The knitted baskets, pillows and vases are all knit by hand and come in colors like charcoal, petrol, mustard, coral, off white, grey and blue.  Clearly, my obsession with knits didn’t stop after the Giganto Knit Blanket find.

Ferm Living - Knitted Floor Cushion - I started crocheting something by hand yesterday - learning for the first time, and it's sort of turning into that pillow on top!

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