Gouden bio-ethanol haard. Door justyna

This is not an expedition capsule NASA's space but is a fireplace that was designed by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius. Modern Piet Fireplace name for this fireplace is a chimney-free indoor stove that burns ethanol instead of wood

Freestanding bioethanol #fireplace STIX by EcoSmart Fire | #design Hiroshi Tsunoda @EcoSmart Fire

Outdoor freestanding bioethanol fireplace STIX By EcoSmart Fire

It’s a very versatile piece that will make a great addition to any living room. It has modern and simple design so it is not very hard to integrate it in the interior design of your house #fireplaces

Floor and wall fireplace ideas by Vauni

ethanol open haard

Contemporary portable fireplace, it would be cool in the right house. Furniture, Splendid and Cleverly Portable Home Fireplace Inspiration Ideas: Awesome Spherical Contemporary Round Fireplace At The Center Of Minimalist Livingroom


Hanging Fireplaces - Spark Modern Fires has designed a new hanging fireplace: the direct vent ‘slim.’ This modern fireplace is exceptionally sleek.