I loved doing this when I was learning how to read and write! Have the child say the individual letters as they trace them in the salt/cornmeal, and you're addressing all three learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

literacy center sight word activities- put the sand in a pencil box for easy upkeep and clean up! NOTE: this only works with a thin layer of sand. If you put too much the writing doesn't show up. It went over okay with my kids, not their favorite

DIY Salt tray with Alphabet Cards

Had when i worked in a preschool and kids love them! I would use colored sand instead of white salt. DIY salt tray with alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter

Interesting, and doable.

The children in art class experience what it's like to draw with their feet and mouths (and elbows! This is not only a fun, action art experience, but it gives them a new appreciation and gratefulness for their hands.

fijne motoriek oefenen door figuren te leggen met kleine materialen

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silverware containers from Ikea. I give you straw and pom pom Kerplunk.

Make Your Own Kerplunk Game - Invitation to Play

Make your own kerplunk game for kids. Made with silverware containers from Ikea, straws and pom poms.

Write Dance 5 the train Choose two coloured stickers for the train to ride between

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Cette semaine, en phonologie, nous nous - quoi de neuf dans la classe 9 ?


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