Classroom Organization Tips (students name on the top of the crayon box rather than on the front)

Simple Classroom Organization and Tips

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3 Classroom Management Tips That Changed My Life. There are three simple tips that I was given that have come to dramatically change my classroom. They are not hard to follow or difficult to implement, but they have made life much simpler for me, and have reduced problematic behaviors. Around this time of the year, students are showing their true colors. Here are three ways to get back on track for the New Year.

You will never yell again with these three classroom management techniques: Number the Class, Five Rules, and Music Transitions. grade point of view

Behavior Management

Primary Behavior Plan

Behavior management with color coded indicators--teacher or kids draw on a specific colored smiley/frowny

How to Stop Calling Out & Class Clown Behaviors

Brandi's Behavior Box of Blog Posts

Brandi has a LOT of great behavior tips! Find six of her most popular posts and see how she maintains classroom management with some of the most challenging students!