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a piece of art that has been altered to look like an insect
a painting on a wall with the word goo written in gold and green paint over it
Abstracted | Rebecca Sower Artist
a painting on a wall with flowers in the foreground and snow flakes all over it
Susan McCreevy Artist | Gelli Plate & Collage Art Workshop
Susan McCreevy Artist | 3 day Workshop
Bubble Printing With The Gelli® Plate
Have you ever tried bubble printing on the gel printing plate? It's super easy and fun and it creates a unique frosted texture suitable for all of your winter paper and cardmaking projects. Gelli Arts® artist Mollie Weston uses washing up liquid to create bubbles and she prints with acrylic paint, a 4"x6" Gelli Arts® printing plate and a Mini Placement Tool. #gelliarts #gelprinting #printmaking #monoprinting #cardmaking #wintercrafts #printingplate #bubbleprinting
Gel printing (magazine scraps image transfer, black ink resistance technique)
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • Gel printing plate • Acrylic paints • Magazine pages • Rubber brayer • Paper
an art piece is shown with different colors and patterns on the paper, including flowers
an abstract painting with flowers and leaves
four paintings with different shapes and colors on them
Three gelli plate prints
a blue bird sitting on top of a yellow and black wallpaper with paisley designs
Sheri Del Core on Instagram: "Gel print bird 5x7, with a little colored pencil. I’m finding so many half finished ( and half-baked) things while cleaning my studio. I get distracted and start working on random things… so it’s a very slow process, a week and a half so far!!"
there are many different types of corks on the table
Button & cork stamps.
paper cutouts and crayons sitting on top of a table
stencils from kimmel kids
Skærmbillede 2011-11-13 kl. 22.57.49
three tile designs being carved on the ground with a knife and paintbrush next to them
New projects brewing
New projects brewing
Gel Plates For Printing | Gelli Plate Printmaking — Josie Lewis
Gelatin plate printing is the BEST! Get my supply sheet to learn the ways!
Blending colors on a gel plate
Fall Gel Prints Using Leaves
Osterhase, Linocut, making of
GELLI PLATE - Monoprinting mit Pflanzen
You can find a tutorial on my YouTube channel
Gel Printing with Foil
Incredible gel printing technique using gilding foil sheets and alcohol ink!
Create Layered Gel Printed Mini Scenes
What to do with your gel printed papers? Why not take your stack of background prints and gel print little layered scenes on top using recycled materials and paper masks. The Gelli Arts® Mini Placement Tool ensures each layer is perfectly aligned to the previous one. Watch Gelli® artist Marsha Valk's full video tutorial on our YouTube channel. #gelliarts #printmaking #monoprinting #miniplacementtool #gelprinting #printingplate
a teapot made out of newspaper paper
Комментарии к теме
The Benefits of Gel Printing with a Tiny Brayer
some brown and white pods hanging on a wall
a group of metal leaves sitting on top of a white counter
artssake: Jasmine Matus (ArtPropelled)
some gold paint is sitting on the table
Gel Plate Image Transfer with Mica Powders and Laser Prints
Gel Printing On Feathers (ABC Printing Challenge Idea #06)
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to leaves and plants in the background
an abstract painting of flowers and grass
Botanical Gelli Printing
a drawing of a vase with flowers in it
My prints
My prints | Skillshare Student Project
Seasonal Gel Printing With Stencils Step-By-Step Video Tutorial
How To Create Grungy Resist Gel Prints With Petroleum Jelly
three different types of metal leaves on a wooden surface, one is blue and the other has
an abstract painting with flowers and plants in the foreground, on a green background
Botanical Gelli Printing
Gel printing Masking technique
a card with some leaves on it next to two rubber stamps
a drawing of a colorful bird on a white and black background with red beaks
Octavie Wolters
Specht van Octavie Wolters
an orange and black bird sitting on top of a tree branch in front of a white background
Octavie Wolters
a drawing of a beetle next to a piece of paper on a wooden table with a pencil
two bug stencils are next to each other on a piece of white paper
four rubber stamps with different types of bugs and bug silhouettes on them, sitting next to each other
two fish are shown on the wall next to each other, one is blue and white
two stamps and a pen on a table
a rubber stamp with an image of two men on it next to a wooden handle
two birds sitting on top of each other in front of a white background with the words,
Eraser Stamp, Printer
paper cutting tools and stamps are laying on the table next to each other, including a turtle
paper cutting tools and some art work on a black table with red flowers in the background
Andrea Lauren / Ink Print Repeat: Photo
Andrea Lauren / Ink Print Repeat — Andrea Lauren : Instagram @inkprintrepeat
an orange and green vase with flowers in it
My prints
My prints | Skillshare Student Project