wood burning awesome color transition

Love the discolouration effects of this ladies work -- Ancient Tree - Art Block - Woodburning. Going to attempt woodburning again! Gotta keep my hands busy. Relaxing hobby too (:

Wildflower Mobile - Woodburning

Wildflower Mobile - Woodburning on sliced beaver sticks, decorative wire work, & shells

Dit is wel heel gaaf, met melk op papier tekenen, 30 min laten drogen en dan strijken

Draw with milk - draw with milk on paper, let dry for 30 minutes, and then iron to reveal! Draw with milk; Let milk dry for 30 minutes; Iron to reveal! This is super duper cool :)

Maken met de hobby brander, mooi ( http://houtspel.nl/knutselen/346-hobby-brander.html )

pyrography - think I'd replace the flower heads with dandelion heads - the one near the girl would be blowing away