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Build a thicker wood base with carvings or assymetrical cuts or larger to thinner cuts then finish on top with branches (can use my white branch Lampa-paravan Ramas Marron - Vivre

jardin paysager, paysager son jardin avec bambou Plus

Le jardin paysager - tendance moderne de jardinage -

Bamboo screen between interesting textures.

Mandar a hacer maceteros de cuadrado para patio interior a lo mejor 2

Add Interest with Plant Stands at different levels. Fun plant stands are an easy way to add an extra dash of style to your plant collection!

Para mi casa

Ambientar la casa con plantas de interior Interiorismo - Decoracion de Interiores - Interiorismo

Big is beautiful.

I loved this decoration with silk orchid flowers, and white pottery & pilars.Set in wit met zijde orchideeën

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