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black and white photograph of a man standing on the edge of a pier next to the ocean
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Mario Testino, Marlon Teixeira, Ellen Von Unwerth, Alfred Stieglitz, Annie Leibovitz, Craig Mcdean, Fast Life, Patrick Demarchelier, Terry Richardson
Marlon Teixeira, Nils Butler & Alexandre Cunha Appear in Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign – The Fashionisto
two men in black suits walking down the street with their arms around each other's shoulders
Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign
a young man and woman standing next to each other in front of a white wall
Life´s Too Short To Wear Bad Clothes
black and white photo of man and woman in suit and hat standing next to each other
Margaret Howell Fall 2011 Campaign | Dree Hemingway by Alasdair McLellan – Fashion Gone Rogue