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a woman is standing in the grass wearing a black dress and holding her coat over her shoulders
Anna Selezneva Runs With Wolves In Koto Bolofo Images For Numéro November 2018 — Anne of Carversville
‘La Louve’ Anna Selezneva by Koto Bolofo for Numéro, November 2018
black and white photograph of woman in dress running on the beach with her legs spread out
This ad for Elle UK is a good representation of the figure-ground principle. Pictured, there is a model wearing bold, dark, monotone clothing while stomping across what looks to be like an open area/beach. There are no other elements in this image. The viewers full attention is put onto the model as the background is bland without much to look at and easily fades into the back of the viewers sight. Source cited: Advertisement (Elle UK)(2014, Nov)
a man standing in front of a mirror that has dripping paint on it
Eerie Surreal Photography By Bobby Becker - IGNANT
- ̗̀ @graciegeeding
a woman leaning against a wall with her shadow
Beyond Distracted: Tips to Focus in a Chaotic World - Wit & Delight | Designing a Life Well-Lived
Beyond Distracted: Tips to Focus in a Chaotic World #work #wellness #business #workfromhome