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Organize your medicine cabinet Mine is mostly like this. It has a big bottom drawer. So med. Cabinet stuff goes in that. The other drawers are extra toothpaste & toothbrushes, first aid type things, hair ties, the last drawer is hotel size soaps etc.

Paling Fence House | NASA

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Now this would be the ideal remodel! Floor to ceiling stone walls combined with recessed niche for concealing shower supplies.

Master bathroom... Might be a little too dark though, but like the wall/stone detail

Beautiful bathroom design with stone. Dark wood beam on top flows well with ranch style.

Clean and minimal bathroom designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska _

Clean and minimal bathroom designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska. Love the hardware free glass shower enclosure.

Great idea! I choose this as a reminder to replace my towel bar with towel hooks as this is an on going issue in my bathroom, hooks will make my bathroom appear more organized, towels on a bar look untidy when they aren't hung properly making the space feel unwelcoming and uncoordinated.

Remove towel bar in guest bathroom and put these hooks in its place. Looks more inviting, towel bar never gets used. Could also use this to put sink towel on.

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